My Favorite Games!

Hey pals! 

Today I thought I'd share with you three of my favorite games to play in our youth group. Typically these games are used to pass time before we begin, or to kill time after my students are dismissed. Feel free to use them in whatever way you see fit! :)

(If you need visuals, check out my Instagram "GAMES" Story Highlights, where you will find videos of each of these games and more!)

I'll owl-wayslove you!.jpg

head, shoulders, knees, toes, donuts

SUPPLIES: Donut and something to place it on (plate, napkin).

How to Play: If you've ever played the game, "Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes, Cup", this will sound pretty familiar. For this game, you will need two players. Place a donut on a plate between them on the ground. To begin, call out different body parts--head, shoulder, knees, or toes. (You can say them in order, but I usually don't. It's more fun that way!) When you are ready, call out the word, "DONUT!" When players hear this, they are to try to be the first person to grab the donut. Whoever grabs the donut first wins and gets to eat it! 

Super easy, cheap, and tons of fun! 




SUPPLIES: Paper, pen, phone. Really, just something players can use to write their raps. 

How to Play: For this game, we used two groups and one representative (rapper) from each group. I gave each group ten minutes to come up with a rap about anything, as long as it was church appropriate. I made sure everyone in the group had some sort of say in the rap that was being written. The more random the rap is, the better. At then end of the ten minutes, whoever the group chose to be the representative had to perform the rap in front of everyone. It's pretty hilarious to see what they come up with!

This would make a good up front or team building game. 

Furit Roll Up Challenge.jpg


SUPPLIES: Fruit Roll-Ups. (Make sure they are the long "Fruit by the Foot" kind, not the smaller, square fruit roll-ups!)

How to Play: You can use as many players you desire for this one. Give each player a Fruit Roll-Up and tell them to roll it all the way out, sticking one side in their mouth. The objective is to see who can eat the entire Fruit Roll-Up first without using their hands. Play some upbeat music as they play for a touch of excitement! And be careful that no players are eating so fast that they get choked (we almost had this happen). 

Another game that's easy, cost-effective, and lots of fun! 

I pray that you would use these games within your ministry and have as much fun playing them as we do! Also, as a freebie to you, feel free to use these images to display on your screen to introduce each game!


Miss Karli 

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