FRIDAY FREEBIE: Editable Sign-Up Sheet

Happy Friday, friends! 

When I first began working in student ministry, there was one thing I didn't realize I would need an abundance of:

Sign-Up Sheets!

Especially around back-to-school time. 

A sign-up sheet for volunteers.

A sign-up sheet for an upcoming event.

A sign-up sheet to join a certain ministry. 

I know that these days, some churches are finding more digital ways to get students signed up for things. However, what if you don't work in a church that has access to those types of things? That's where I'm here to help!

Today's Friday Freebie is an Editable Sign Up Sheet! Simply download below, save it, and make any necessary changes. And since it is editable, you can always tweak it and use it for whatever your heart desires! 

Hope this helps you! 


Miss Karli 

(PSSST! This download shines its brightest on a desktop!)


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